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Search engine optimization is about maximizing the amount of traffic to a specific website (yours) by ensuring that it ranks high (or at all) amongst the results that a search engine delivers based on a user’s search query.  In most cases, those who rank the highest, ultimately have the best search engine optimization.

Using a variety of tools and online resources, we can help your business rank higher for your keywords – or, if you are not aware of how people are searching for you online (for instance, what keywords they are using), we can help you determine what keywords best fit your business and help you rank higher for them.

The metrics we can obtain by properly registering your site through search engines, such as Google, can make a huge difference in where you place in their rankings.  Things such as responsive design and being mobile friend, page load speed, inbound links (links from your site to other sites like social media) and linking to partners or organizations your business is a member of can all help your search engine ranking.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics is probably the most popular tool used to obtain information about visitors to your site, traffic and behaviors of site visitors. It is a free tool, but does require some setup to work correctly.

Google Webmasters
Like Google Analytics, Google Webmasters is a free tool that integrates with your website seemlessly. It allows websites to be indexed manually rather than waiting for Google’s regular automated indexing to occur. It displays any broken links or images and determines if everything is working correctly.

MOZ Tools
MOZ offers a variety of both free and paid tools to help make it easier to do SEO. The tools they offer are similar to those that Google offers, however, MOZ features some tools that Google either doesn’t have or aren’t quite as robust.